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Okay so I have not updated my blog on what I've been actually DOING this year. I knew my first quarter was going to be stacked, but I was not quite expecting it to be as busy as it was! Since January, I have:

  1. Travelled to Maui with DDY Travels. I was asked to come in to help the chef team with prepping meals for a yoga surf retreat for the Maui Surfer Girls. I learned a lot, got to work with a great team and I actually went surfing (twice) which was a first for me. I also got to volunteer at a sweet potato farm and learn about Native farming.

  2. Moved my business from Leaven Kitchen to Irwin Street incubator kitchens. So now I'm right by the Beltline in the Krog District.

  3. Started teaching cooking classes at The Cooking Schools at Irwin. You can catch my teaching schedule here.

  4. Done a few events for the Atlanta Community Food Bank, including their International Women's Day Brunch.

  5. Cooked for a beautiful wedding shower for a beautiful friend.

  6. Did a beautiful wedding for two other beautiful friends AND got to feed a ton of people who I love at said wedding.

  7. Cooked food for my cousin's 100 person baby shower

  8. Continued to do cooking demos as an Educational Chef for Community Farmers Markets a few times a week, which is fun!

  9. Started putting together ideas for a school lunch catering program

  10. Done several private dinners, meal preps & cake orders

  11. I'll be participating in a silent cooking competition on May 20th! I'm not on the show, but it's part of a viewing of an online cooking competition called Beyond the Plate.

I'm sure there's a lot of other stuff that I did, I was just very busy for four months straight! Whew! We shall see what the summer brings. Whatever it is, I'm ready!

Anyway, here's a photo dump from January to April!

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