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Happy Birthday to Unsolicited Cooking, LLC!

It has been a full year that I have been registered as an official business! I'd like to thank everyone who believed in me, my business and especially my cooking. I've done a lot in the last year! I've held cooking classes in person and online, joined a beautiful community commercial kitchen, I've cooked for parties, done private dinners, created some pretty fancy menu items and have several weekly fans of my signature carrot cake.

I'm fully planning on growing even more in the next year. I would like to do workshops on building a pantry that suits specific lifestyles and tastes, I would LOVE to cook for more parties and even start a supper club.

So far, I've done all of this while also working full time at an extremely busy restaurant. As a closer and a trainer with long shifts and the usual hoopla that comes with a pandemic...I didn't have the time I wanted to move forward with my bigger picture.

My plan was to go part-time at this restaurant by mid 2022. Although I'm almost there, I've decided to go ahead and go part-time now. I'm not doing my best work there because I'm exhausted and I can do even better work for Unsolicited Cooking starting next week! That said, I'm looking for new clients.

Need food prep? I've got you covered. Hosting a party and you don't want to be stressed out about the food? I'm available! Want to up your cooking game but you don't know where to start? Lucky for you, I do know where to start :) Feel free to reach on out to lil ol' me

Also, if you haven't seen, here are several random photos that I feel represent my year of working part-time for myself:

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