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Jamaican Me...Hungry!

Happy Monday, Y'all!

So I had an eventful week last week. I went on a vacation to Jamaica with my friends! It was very relaxing, sometimes anxiety inducing (I went parasailing and snorkeling) and entirely delicious. I think I ate seafood at every meal, including a restaurant on the beach where the chef had an outdoor kitchen overlooking the waves as he made my escovitched shrimp!

In fact, I fell in love with escovitched things...I ate it a lot. You'd think I'd just be eating jerk chicken all week, but I don't think I even had any. I was enchanted with the combination of spicy, vinegary peppers, onions & carrots, many times paired with a sweet mango sauce. It was just so delicious!

So I decided to make it.

Not only just make it, though. I had a chef demonstration at Grant Park Farmers Market the Sunday after I got back. I decided that I had to bring Jamaican flavors to the market and y'all were just going to have to deal with it! LOL! When I do my demos at farmers markets, I always use ingredients that I find at the market. That's always a fun challenge. Luckily for me, peppers and onions are in season right now and busting out the seams! Also, squash is poppin' right now, and so is my homemade jerk seasoning. Not only were the veggies on point, but there are also a few vendors with seafood, so I scored some whole shrimp!

The "problem" was I didn't have any mango to go with my shrimp & escovitch...however, the obvious solution was to use peaches, and right now in Georgia, peaches are perfect, so that's exactly what I used!

Check Out the Recipes Here:

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