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It's been a busy holiday season. I wanted to update y'all and let everyone know that A.) My new holiday menu is up, which includes a Parisian style hot chocolate flight and B.) I am doing a Kwanzaa Cooking Class at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta on December 15th at 4:30pm. Also, C.) I am participating in the Empty Bowl Brunch on Sunday, December 11th. All proceeds go to MUST Ministries to combat hunger. If y'all want to go, register here! I'm making my chicken pot pie soup. Finally, D.) If you are having a holiday party, hit me up for some appetizers or charcuterie boards :)

In the Kwanzaa Cooking Class, we will discuss what the holiday is about as well as learn to make some unique & delicious dishes for your Kwanzaa spread that reflect aspects of African American culture. We will be making a diverse Biltong charcuterie board, a West African fish stew swimming in a flavorful tomato sauce & veggies with fufu on the side. Dessert will be the familiar & simple sweet potato cobbler. We will wash it all down with our home made sorrel. Come ready to get to work & have fun !

My New Holiday Menu

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